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Which Creative Enrichment Programme is Best for your Child?

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Should i sign my child up for all the enrichment programmes? If money isn’t an issue for you, then yes, you could sign your child up for any enrichment programmes. However, you should also take into accordance whether your child could handle all the additional workload and stress atop of everything that he/she is already learning in school, and whether or not he/she could excel in all of the enrichment classes.

Which enrichment programme is best for my child? It varies from person to person, and what each parent would want for their child. At Creative Singapore, after going through the Biometric Profiling System and understanding his/her brain capacity, you would be able to decide which enrichment programme is best for him/her that will either strengthening his/her strengths (academics) or overcoming his/her weaknesses.

How do i know which programme is suitable for my child? At Creative Singapore, by going through the Biometric Profiling System, you could normally identify what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are, and from there, identify the type of enrichment programmes suitable for them to take up.

How much enrichment programme should my child take up? Your child could take any amount of enrichment programmes as long as you’re confident that he/she could manage both his/her workload and time, but bear in mind that he/she might not always excel in all of them. Additionally, the more enrichment programmes that they’re enrolled in would mean more workload that they have to handle atop of all the load that they are already juggling in school. It would be advisable to take into account of your child’s additional work and whether they could manage their time efficiently without getting too stressed out. Not all kids are able to handle several the enrichment programmes at the same time.

Is my child creative? Every child has their own creativity. You just need to know exactly which area or aspect that is best for him/her. With accurate profiling of his/her brain capacity, you will able to chose how you want to develop your child’s creative mind.

In which area is my child creative at? With the reports from the Biometric Profiling System, it could inform you which areas of creativity that your child excels at, and which enrichment programmes that you should let your child focus on.

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Music Lesson

Is your child musically inclined? Or maybe after going through the Biometric Profiling System, you find that your child might just become the next Mozart or Chopin? The music enrichment lessons available at Creative Singapore will help to entice your child’s musically inclined mind and strengthen this part of their creative mind.

Book Writing & Publishing

Is your child an avid reader? Or maybe an avid writer that aspires to be the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling? The Book Writing & Publishing enrichment course helps to strengthen your child’s writing ability and also assists budding writers to possibly publish their own books.

Song Writing Lesson

Maybe after going through the Biometric Profiling System, you find that your child is musically inclined. And after excelling in the music lessons available at Creative Singapore, you might also wish to sign your child up for the Song Writing Lesson in order to stimulate their musically inclined side more.

Digital Art Lesson

Is your child a budding artist that had ambitions to be the next Vincent van Gogh? And maybe after going through the Biometric Profiling System, you find that your child is more artistically inclined than anything else? Here at Creative Singapore, our Digital Art enrichment lesson can help your child to develop his artistic skills.

Filming Lesson

So after going through the Biometric Profiling System, you find that your child is more musically and visually inclined in terms of 3D imagination and arts than anything else, you decided to sign your child up for the Filming Lesson enrichment lesson. This enrichment lessons available at Creative Singapore will help to enhance your child’s musical, visual and arts talents and further strengthen this part of his creative mind.

Dancing Lesson

After undergoing the Biometric Profiling System, you might find that your child is more inclined towards dancing than anything else. Our enrichment lessons offered at Creative Singapore for dancing will both help to strengthen your child’s aptitude for dance and also to stimulate their creativity.

Memory and Focus Training Lesson

Apart from offering enrichment classes for dance and music, here at Creative Singapore, we too do offer other enrichment courses dealing in different areas like the enrichment lesson for Memory and Focus Training. For young children, their attention spans can be relatively short, as all parents and teachers could relate to. This enrichment course thus helps with assisting your child in their attention span and focus, thus lessening stress and frustration while learning some useful academic memory skills.

Parenting Tips

Rearing and raising children isn’t an easy business – but especially more so for new parents as raising a child for the first time can be a daunting task. Thus, here at Creative Singapore, we offer a class to tackle some of the problems you face to make you the best parent you could be.