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Child development and enrichment have always been the first things at the fore of a parent’s mind, especially if your child is still in their early development stages. With our new Biometric Profiling System, we can help to assist in your child’s development by identifying their strengths and weaknesses early.

Here at Creative Singapore, we have the best consultants available to help explain everything about your child’s Biometric Profiling System report.








about_us_2How is this different from any profiling system?

The Biometric Profiling System is a highly advanced technology where it actually measures and analyze the attributes of a person- helping to identify their strengths and weaknesses early- whether one’s brain capacity is more artistically inclined (eg. music, dancing, arts) or more academically inclined.

Since behavioral characteristics are related to the pattern of the behavior of a person such as the typing rhythm, gait, gestures and voice, a person’s fingerprints could tell us a lot about a person’s personality and brain activity.

For this profiling system, we would be scanning the individual’s fingerprints instead of the individual doing a survey questionnaire. Unlike survey questionnaires where the accuracy of the result will often be held in question, the biometric profiling system has a 100% accuracy reading.